Valentine's Day in Rome

For the single greatest no-brainer in the long history of anything and everything that has ever been romantic: where would be the best place on earth to spend Valentine’s Day? Well, we’re not even going to deign to give you the answer, simple look at the word ‘Roma’ in a mirror!

If you’re looking to impress someone amazing, or perhaps show someone amazing that the romance is more alive than ever before, Hotel Kolbe Rome can help you realise the stuff of dreams here in this magical, beautiful, ancient and intoxicating city. Located about a minute’s walk from one of the finest vantage points over the Imperial Roman Forums - one of the most breathtaking sights in the world - and with rooms and suites with views to die for, it’s hard to imagine anything that will not steal the heart of any red-blooded human being.

And it doesn’t even end there. The cobbled lanes of the city of Rome will swallow you up and make you lose yourself - it’s so almost guaranteed it could be incorporated into the city tourist tax. Enjoy the finest dining, balmy walks through Villa Borghese or up to Gianicolo, the serenades of street gypsies and put your hand in the Mouth of Truth when you declare your undying love!

The Kolbe is one of Rome’s premier 4-star luxury hotels and is the ideal option for a romantic getaway in true style, with every little detail taken care of and almost no request unattainable. It’s also great value - though you might not want to advertise that fact. Our concierge service is firing on all cylinders on February 14th so get in touch and see what we can do for you: petals on the bed, an audience with the pope, or the top 1000 spots in Rome to make a proposal? Let the Hotel Kolbe take care of it!

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