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For everyone desiring a wellness holiday, the Kolbe Hotel Rome´s partnership with the marvellous wellness center "Acquamadre Hammam", just a few steps away from the hotel, provides our guests the unique opportunity to escape into a whole world of wellness and relax.

The "Hammam" is located in the very heart of Rome´s historical center, just a few steps away from the famous "Fontana delle Tartarughe" and 850 meters (10 min.) walking distance from the Kolbe Hotel Rome.
Acquamadre Hammam Step out of the frantic pace of your everyday, busy life, and step into a place of serenity in the heart of Rome.

The Hammam is a pleasure of our civilization since ever: beginning in the ancient world of the Hellenic-Roman period under the name of thermae, it is born out of a need to enjoy leisure and social exchange. It is a luxuriuos place where one comes to cleanse the body through a series of treatments while purifying the soul and relaxing the mind.

You will find multiple rooms in each of which, from the coldest to the hottest, will be attendants pampering you and washing you and taking care of your every need.

After changing in the Apodyterium, you will proceed to the warm bath (Tepidarium 36°) where steam, the faint sound of water and pale light provide a dreamlike atmosphere. You will lie down on a warm marble bench following your shower and a massage of Moroccan olive soap alternating with a hot water wash. Then, you will be transported to the hot baths (Calidarium 45°- 100% humidity) where you will experience a real “steam bath”. Following the hot baths, you will experience a brisk and vigorous body scrub with the traditional Hammam glove and finally you will enter the cold bath (Frigidarium 28°), which acts as a skin and muscle toner.

Services & Prices Entering "Acquamadre Hammam" translates into having the possibility to choose from a vast range of treatments and massages:

• Hammam Route € 50,00 (approx. 90 min.)
• Kit Hammam (slippers and Kassa glove) € 10,00

Treatments within the Hammam Route:
• Green Clay Rassoul facial mask (face) € 15,00
• Green Clay Rassoul body mask (body) € 30,00
• Dead Sea Salts facial scrub (face) € 15,00
• Dead Sea Mud Body Mask (body) € 30,00
• Karité treatmant body butter (body) € 30,00

Massagges (50 min.):
• Relaxing Massage € 60,00
• Tonic Massage € 60,00
• Circulatory Massage € 60,00
• Essential Oils Massage € 60,00
• Lymphatic Massage € 70,00
• Shiatsu Massage € 80,00
• Ayurvedic Massage € 80,00
• Argan Oil face and body massage € 80,00
• Foot Reflexology € 70,00

Info & Reservations The entrance to the "Acquamadre Hammam" is reserved, until its maximum capacity, to those who made a reservation in respect of the center´s opening hours.

For further informations and reservations contact the Hammam directly or ask us - we will be glad to assist you in choosing the solution that suits your wishes best.

Acquamadre Hammam
Via di S. Ambrogio 17
Tel. 06 / 6864272


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